Strategies for healthy holiday eating with Sandy Buchanan, Registered Dietician

Heading to a holiday party? Sandy Buchanan, Registered Dietician with The Family Health Centers, offers these tips for eating right and maintaining your weight through the winter celebration season.


First, plan ahead to arrive at gatherings with a balanced body, not an empty stomach.


Eat a bowl of cereal, a small sandwich, a handful of nuts, vegetable sticks or fresh fruit before you arrive. Grab a sparkling water with a twist immediately after greeting the host.


The food will be very tempting.  It’s easier to take a small portion when you use a small plate, or better yet, a napkin. Studies have shown that after the third bite of one food, your taste buds don’t register the flavors as sharply, so you could stop after 3 bites, unless it’s still worth it.


Choose three or four items you really want to eat at a party, then step away from the table and eat slowly.  Then pop mints or gum into your mouth and turn your thinking toward people and the decorations, not food.


If you drink alcohol, alternate alcohol-containing beverages with nonalcoholic beverages.  Alternate water or seltzer between alcoholic beverages.  By following these guidelines you can cut your calories and your consequences. Happy holidays!