Headache Clinic – Dr. Jason Cook

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Available to established patients of The Family Health Centers

The Family Health Centers Headache Clinic was founded by Dr. Jason Cook in 2015.  Dr. Cook is Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and has extensive training and experience in the management of headache disorders.  He offers specialty headache consultation and treatment to patients of the Family Health Centers as well as outside referrals from the community.  Dr. Cook’s background as a primary care physician helps him take a “whole-person” approach to patients with headache disorders, recognizing that a patient’s medical conditions, lifestyle, and mental health all affect their headaches.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Jason Cook, contact our Scheduling Team at (821) 258-8681, Option 1


Services provided by Dr. Cook in the Headache Clinic include the following:

  • Comprehensive history and exam to determine an accurate diagnosis for headache disorders
  • Medication management for preventive and acute treatment of headaches, including new medications such as CGRP inhibitors
  • Procedures for head and neck pain including nerve blocks and trigger point injections
  • Botox treatment for chronic migraine and TMJ disorder


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