Pam Lewis Nominated for PAHCOM “Medical Manager of the Year” Award

The Family Health Centers’ Pam Lewis has been nominated for 2015 Medical Manager of the Year Award with Professional Association of Healthcare Office Management (PAHCOM.)  Our Providers, Management and Staff proudly congratulate Pam on this achievement.

There are nine nominees from across the country and one candidate will be chosen to represent the profession of health care management. The winner will be announced at the 27th annual PAHCOM Conference in Clearwater Beach, FL in October 2015.

Pam was nominated by Stephen H. Johanns, MMS, CMM, HITCM-PPP, Practice Administrator of Infectious Disease Specialists of Colorado Springs, CO. Mr. Johanns’ nomination notes that “As a consummate professional in the field of health care office management, Pam fully embodies the traits and characteristics of someone who would represent this award very well. This sentiment is universally felt amongst her staff, physicians, and peers. Pam’s dedication to her craft and unwavering ethical behavior serve as an example to us all. In addition, Pam not only continues to educate herself on the emerging philosophies of health care office management, but she also exemplifies PAHCOM’s motto of sharing knowledge by continuing to be a resource to her local and broader peer community.”

Terry McLane, CEO of The Family Health Centers, PA adds: “On behalf of the physicians and staff of The Family Health Centers, I am pleased to congratulate Pam Lewis on her nomination for PAHCOM’s Medical Manager of the year.   Pam has demonstrated a broad knowledge of health care, experience and intrinsic positive approach to her work in the field and here at The Family Health Centers.  Please join me in congratulating Pam on her nomination for this award.”

Since 1988 PAHCOM has understood the importance of the well-trained health care manager’s contributions to the delivery of health care in medical practices.

Pam serves as Accounting Coordinator for The Family Health Centers of Asheville, Arden & Hominy Valley, PA and is currently spear-heading the development of a PAHCOM chapter for the Mountain and Piedmont regions of North Carolina.  

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