Depression Screening & Treatment

As your Patient-Centered Medical Home, The Family Health Centers is committed to improving quality of life for our patients who experience symptoms of depression.

About Depression

Depression is a medical condition that affects a person’s mood, thoughts, behavior and body.

Depression is more complex than the temporary sadness people feel when unpleasant or stressful things happening their lives. When a person has depression, these feelings are more intense and long-lasting. Things that used to be easy or enjoyable, like spending time with family or friends, take great effort. In later life, people face many losses and physical discomforts. Many people also fear their depression is somehow their fault.

  • Depression is NOT a weakness or character flaw.
  • Depression IS a medical problem.


Solutions for Depression

If you think you may be coping with depression or anxiety, please talk with your provider at The Family Health Centers. We can help you find the path to feeling better that works best for you. Solutions can include exercise, therapy, supplements, medication or a referral to a preferred specialist.

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